1969 Dodge Charger

This classic sedan was first launched in 1966 and it made a tremendous big bang to the market. The 1969 Charger is a cool streamlined coronet having a magnificent interior and galore of power. This particular model came with slight modifications from the previous models especially the exterior changes were more pronounced.

Unlike the previous year Dodge Charger, this charger had an additional divided grille which had a center divider and brand new longitudinal taillights, though it had the same body. What of the type of the engine? The base Dodge Chargers had the 318-cid v-8 and the 225-cid slant 6 as their standard engines while the charger R/T had 440-cid engine. Because of the power of its engine, this car can traverse any kind of road.

The 1969 Chargers Special Edition were versatile and you could get them for either luxury or/and sport since it was a mix of the two. They were mainly featured by the vinyl bucket and leather seats, the chrome rocker moldings, the deep dish wheel covers, and the popular simulated wood-grain steering. Their turn signal indicators were hood-mounted and their instrument panel was wood-grain simulated. The Dodge Charger 500 differed in terms of the grille type, headlight types and its rear window being mounted on a flush for streamlining. For this unlike other models of the same class, this one could accelerate with ease just like the modern sedans.

With this model, the bumble stripes were reintroduced but its design and details were slightly changed. In lieu of the 4 usual stripes, there was a huge one stripe superimposed by two other smaller ones. An R/T cut out was placed in the midst of the stripes. Moreover, among the option list was the sun proof which was another milestone in these models. This stripe pimping is classy making the 1969 Dodge Chargers relevant up-to date.

The quality of this 1969 Charger model is unprecedented and in fact, there were modifications again to this model. The result was the 1970 Dodge Challenger. Just from its name, it indicates its power besides it coming with new luxury levels. Basically, choosing this sedan among other classic vehicles is the best decision you can make.