1964 Impala

1964 Impala provides a full-size comfort and is considered a true muscle car. It was an icon for baby boomers since it was released into the market. Performance was essentially great for the era of Motor Trend accelerating from zero to sixty in 7 seconds. This car became a legend, covering a quarter mile in fourteen seconds at 98 mph. Not many vehicles can boast as can a 1964 Impala and not many have a fully customized interior, deep 18’’ rally wheels and an air ride suspension as this one. The back-up lights are standard.

Impala was redesigned on the existing GM B platform and the body styling was more rounded and more trim than the previous models that were boxy. Most featured the ‘C’ pillar styling except the 4 door hardtop. The Sport Coupe model featured the ‘convertible roof’ style which proved very popular and added into the desirability of the 1964 Impala as a collectible. The ‘overhang’ styling of the roof of the sedans was substituted with a more striking, wider ‘C’ pillar with a wrap-around rear window. There are right-hand drive Impalas available that were assembled at GMs Oshawa plant.

The engine choice had a 340 brake 2×4 carburetor setup 250 kW horsepower, 409 cubic inch 6.7 L that could be regulated with any transmission. Impalas also featured premium interiors, plush seats and a chrome trim exterior which included full-width chrome and aluminum panel that housed the triple unit tail-light assembly. The SS model featured the panel in a unique engine turned aluminum that was also used in filling up the side moldings. This made the SS to have a more distinctive appearance. The Impala also clutches the top station wagon when the Chevy Nomad is gone. Iconic, elegant and powerful, the 1964 Impala has much going for it. You should ask for the original paperwork and bill of sale when acquiring one of these muscle cars.